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The Pushworth Group Music Business offers a 360 degree service for the Events and Music Markets offering a continuity of market knowledge and experience unmatched by any other Events and Music company in Queensland.

Established in 1990, Pushworth is a Brisbane based Australian owned full-service agency. Our artist roster has been home to Grammy, ARIA and APRA award winners for three decades. As one of the most respected and longest run agencies in the country, Pushworth has played a fundamental role in Australian events and the careers of entertainers since 17 July 1990.

Our market expertise gives you the inside track on the cycles, trends and pricing structures for all types of Live Entertainment suitable for your Event. We specialise in the exclusive curation of Live Entertainment programs for pubs and clubs throughout Queensland offering the highest standard Queensland Music Work Force – fully vetted, auditioned, registered, developed and market value accorded.

Pushworth services Hotels, Clubs, Event Managers, Wedding Planners, Festival Producers and Private Party Planners. We offer Marketing Services to Pubs and Clubs to help build business by leveraging their Live Event and Entertainment program.

If it’s about a live show – Touring Acts (Australian and International), Local Artists, DJs, Comedy Shows, Karaoke, Weddings, Functions – whether it is in Regional Queensland, Brisbane City, Suburbs, Sunshine or Gold Coast – we’ve got you covered. It’s our 30th year. So you know that our database is massive. There aren’t many people in this industry that we don’t know or haven’t worked with giving you access to a unique vast catalogue of EXPERIENCE, NETWORK + TALENT.

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Our fully integrated booking system, Aquarius, enables us to efficiently manage your Events and Entertainment program administration – Proposal, Contract, Itinerary, Invoice, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Remittances, Statements and Reports.

The Booking Team is a partnership between Australian Event + Entertainment specialists, Manny, Michael and Mark.  (Click on each photo to know more) The Triple Ms bring more expertise and experience than any other entertainment business in this country.

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Emmanuel Kyriakidis

Manny comes from a diverse music career – classical, jazz, punk, cabaret and pub rock. No musical genre escaped his contribution during his decades long performance history throughout Victoria and Queensland.

His vast gig experience provided the deep foundation for his 35 years as a Live Music Agent. Since 1990, Manny has driven and guided the Pushworth Group with his partners and team. The Petrie Terrace based National Entertainment Service Company, The Pushworth Group, has contributed to the careers of thousands of Australian artists over the past 28 years.

Some of Manny’s pet projects over the past couple of decades have included The Butterfly Effect, Savage Garden, Fiona Horne and DEFFX, Grinspoon, Russell Crowe’s musical projects, Killing Heidi, Grace Knight and Eurogliders, The Living End & GANGgajang, – to name just a few and you begin to get an idea of the calibre of artists that Manny has worked with.

Developing artist brands, building a live music culture and supporting venue business has been Manny’s hallmark. He is the champion of live music in Queensland with his Artist Development and Management programs like The Manick Project. Manny produces every performance as a special event whether it is a DJ in your hotel or a major Australian community music festival like the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival where he produced all stages from 2003 to 2014.

Manny specialises in building business for promoters across Australia by leveraging Live Music Brands as part of their Marketing Plan.

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Michael Geeves

From my experience as a long-term musician out there in the field, I develop my artists into businesses who understand that success in the Music Industry is not necessarily based on how many albums you have sold or tours you have done. For me it’s about bringing a group of musos together that can not only create great music together in a professional manner but can deliver a professional show both on stage and on line that creates a real time EVENT for every venue. My particular area of expertise is in the production of a show. I work closely with my venues to ensure that their room and stage is set up to best maximise the acoustics so that bands can tune and tone their production accordingly. I then review the production of all the artists that I work with to ensure they can deliver the best show possible in every production specific requirement. I manage the annual entertainment calendars of a number of venues around Queensland and pride myself on my ability to source a variety of high-quality entertainers to meet their needs.

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Mark Colvin

What I bring to the Music Industry table is a high level of organisation with an attention to detail in every gig that I administer. I’m not filling gaps. I’m building your business whether you are an Artist or a Venue. As a long term working DJ, I know what works and what doesn’t in every target market and demographic. I understand people so I am able to manage all the finer details when it comes to specific needs for either the Artist or the Venue Manager.

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Music Means Business

Nichola Burton manages every aspect of the Pushworth business and has produced a comprehensive Training, Business and Wellness program for Artists who wish to build value into their Music Business Brand.  

She owns the Trademark for The Metriculus®

A lifetime spent in the Music Industry has led her through roles such as: Song Writer, Performer, Artist Manager, Show Producer, Entertainment Agent, Business Manager, Systems Software Designer, Workplace Trainer and Assessor, to Event Manager, Publicist and Brand Consultant. She managed the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2009 – 2014 and oversaw 5 years of the Festival Marketing Plan for 8 months of every year during this time. Music Means Business is her pathway to work with Artists, Venues, Promoters, Organisations to help them build value in their Brand. Nicki is our go to for Mentorship, Brand Development and Business Coaching for our Roster Artists.

She has  established the Pushworth Podcast The Music Real and will be launching The Health Creative  in November 2020 with a number of Health Professionals to establish wellness programs for people working in the Creative Arts.

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Account Management

Alex Dickson is dedicated to the relentless processing of Invoices, Remittances, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Collections, Customer Service and Book Keeping.

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Push The Earth Policy Our quest is never ending as we collect, analyse, research, educate and share our information and ideas as a company in the journey of our commitment to manage the impact of our business on the health and safety of our employees, contractors and members of the communities in which we operate and on the environment.
The Earth is our Business and we MEAN Business. More Information Here


The Music Real

During lockdown in 2020, The Pushworth team decided to launch their Podcast to keep Artists focused and busy developing their Music Brand. Interviews feature a wide variety of Industry Profiles – Live Music Artists, Producers, Labels, Publicists, Music Shops, Promoters, Venues – anyone who lost their income thanks to the  cancellation of Festivals and Events and live shows in Pubs and Clubs across Australia.

The Sound Garden Project is a Sustainable Community Program created by The Pushworth Group in 2012. The first Sound Garden was located in the Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre community garden at the bottom of Clifton Street in Petrie Terrace one of the historic suburbs in Brisbane. It was the start of a larger scale community project where students, residents and local businesses in any location could get together, find a bit of dirt that needed planting, and contribute plants, share the green thumb, work and bounty. The project was designed to get people away from the screen, outside and closer to nature, understanding where their food comes from and creating ways together to connect and grow. We at Pushworth found that digging and working in the garden was a wonderful way for our team to sound off, debrief and distress. Our minds are clearer in the garden and conducting team training and development is more enjoyable as well as efficient. We also found that meeting with our Musician clients was more relaxed and far more productive in the garden away from the internal meeting room. To date, we have managed 4 major Sound Garden events the last one in 2014 being run exclusively by the students of the Albert Park Flexible Learning Centre as part of their training in our Work Window Program. Visit The Sound Garden Website here for more information

The Work Window Program is designed to provide in house real time opportunities for Higher Learning students. These students exchange their time to work on specific projects in house for a unique exposure to a real time work experience. Commencing in 2013, we have taken students through real time projects such as major Community Music Festivals, Concert Series, Social Media Campaigns, Artist Development Music Programs and Community Website releases. This program linked into our Team Pushworth Volunteer Program started in 2009 and run annually for the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival. We have trained and developed over 700 people from all walks of life in this time giving them a unique perspective in our office, behind the scenes and in the middle of a major Australian community music festival.

The Health Creative

 The Health Creative is  a partnership initiative headed by Nichola Burton of The Pushworth Group bringing together a global Wellness team offering Self Care and Wellness Programs for Creatives. LAUNCHING NOVEMBER 2020.

“Change is not something that we should fear. Rather, it is something that we should welcome. For without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom. “-  Gandhi, Iconic Philosopher