Role: Event Curation/Entertainment House Booker/Artist Production Consultant

From my experience as a long-term musician out there in the field, I develop my artists into businesses who understand that success in the Music Industry is not necessarily based on how many albums you have sold or tours you have done. For me it’s about bringing a group of musos together that can not only create great music together in a professional manner but can deliver a professional show both on stage and on line that creates a real time EVENT for every venue. My particular area of expertise is in the production of a show. I work closely with my venues to ensure that their room and stage is set up to best maximise the acoustics so that bands can tune and tone their production accordingly. I then review the production of all the artists that I work with to ensure they can deliver the best show possible in every production specific requirement. I manage the annual entertainment calendars of a number of venues around Queensland and pride myself on my ability to source a variety of high-quality entertainers to meet their needs.