Role: Venue Curation/Entertainment House Booking/Event Producer/Regional Circuit Management/Artist Management/Record Label Manager

I come from from a diverse music background – classical, jazz, punk, cabaret and pub rock performing since my early teens.

Since 1990, I have been incredibly fortunate to be a part of the teams that built some of Australia’s most successful Live Music Artists. It has been a privilege to have been a part of so many Music Artist journeys – whether at a local or International level.

Some of my pet projects over the past few decades have included The Butterfly Effect, Savage Garden, Fiona Horne and DEFFX, Grinspoon, Russell Crowe’s musical projects, Killing Heidi, Grace Knight and Eurogliders, The Living End & GANGgajang, Jade Holland, most of the Kernaghans, John Swan.

Its about building a thriving and profitable live music culture for Pubs, Clubs and Promoters in Australia. They support the Music Industry so our services are designed to support them. 

I specialise in curating live music and DJ programs for Pubs and Nightclubs designed to build audience culture and creating a destination for venue audiences in partnership with promoters.