Role: Event Curation/Entertainment House Booker/Relationship Management

Mark Colvin is the go-to expert in the market for securing the highest quality DJ bookings and programs, guaranteed to build a vibrant nightclub culture. He excels in curating the ideal brand, environment, and marketing mix for any venue’s demographic. Recognizing the value of DJ influencers, top-tier production, graphic screens, and stage lighting, Mark combines these elements with a tailored social media strategy to give nightclubs a competitive edge. As a working DJ with 20 years of industry experience, Mark specializes in creating WIKI hubs for artists and venues, streamlining performance and production standards for shows where bands and DJs share the stage.

Utilizing Pushworth’s unique trademarked booking system, MUSIC MEANS BUSINESS™, Mark meticulously manages every aspect of service delivery to meet each venue’s specific needs. From marketing deadlines to Wiki Hubs and calendar access, he ensures that all elements required to advertise and market shows are efficiently handled. His attention to detail and organizational skills make him an invaluable asset to any venue looking to enhance its entertainment offerings.

Mark’s expertise extends to building and maintaining strong relationships and networks, which prove invaluable in times of conflict. Whether dealing with last-minute cancellations, external disruptions, or conflicts between artists, audiences, and bar staff, Mark’s solution-oriented approach makes him a show-fixing whisperer. He knows what works and what doesn’t in the market, making him the go-to person for venues seeking the best entertainment for private functions and events. Mark’s ability to navigate challenges and deliver exceptional results solidifies his reputation as a key player in the music and hospitality industry.