Amiel Matthews plays radio rock hits from the 60’s through to today, think Triple M acoustified. Using a drum pad, effects and loop pedals his unique arrangements bring something new to the familiar. And when teamed up with Nathan Poetschka, the duo ‘Business Time’ deliver on the same promise.

Carina Leagues Club
Carina Leagues Club@carinaleagues
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Gentleman! Amiel is wonderful to work with. Great voice, love the music and our crowd love him
Barkly Hotel Motel
Barkly Hotel Motel@barklyhotel
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Mt Isa loves Amiel! Pleae keep sending him up here!!!
Westside HQ
Westside HQ@WestsideHQ
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Great voice. Crowds love the song selection. Effortless and Entertaining!
Amiel Matthews Playlist