Most of you probably know me as DJ Tigerlily, but now you’ll know that my real name is Dara; a DJ, Producer and Wellness enthusiast.

I’m your every day Aussie girl, ocean loving, yoga doing, health and wellness enthusiast who wears activewear on a daily basis. I grew up in Maroubra Beach, Sydney, for me this will always be my happy place and growing up here helped stem who I am today and my love for nature and health.

My love for dance music developed as a teenager when I started to go clubbing and I felt like I found a place where I belonged. Since becoming a DJ, I have been lucky enough to play to tens of thousands of people all over the world, from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA, a dream come true!

A question I get asked A LOT is where the name Tigerlily came from. In a nutshell, like many kids I wanted to be a pop star when I grew up, anyone else like me and thought their lives looked amazing? Cause I sure did! I would always make my sisters and friends join me in singing along to all the best pop tunes back then, and making up dance routines. Tigerlily was always my pop star name and I suppose a DJ is the modern pop star.

Im one of those people who LOVES what they do and am so grateful to be working in a time where my career can involve multiple things that I love; from music, health & fitness and inspiring others. I get to work with amazing brands, collaborate with creative individuals and business’ and meet so many new and like minded people. I am signed to Universal Music Australia and am lucky to work with brands that I strongly believe in and love; from Tropeaka and JBL to also being a proud ambassador for lifeline, PETA and RUOKAY day.

I love the audience that I have developed over time, and my journey would not have happened if it wasn’t for you guys. I want to continue this journey with you all, and continue working on my own projects as well as projects with brands, business’ and individuals who inspire, teach and motivate young people in more ways than one. I’m a strong believer that you should take those risks and opportunities that come your way, live a life that in 20 years time you won’t look back and regret. GET OUT THERE AND DO IT I SAY!

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