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Missed Flight

If the Artist misses the booked flight it is their responsibility to book a new flight on the same date at their sole cost.

If the Artist missed the booked flight and is unable to book a new flight on the same date or following date , the Artist is responsible for the full reimbursement of all air fare cost expended by the Venue.

Artist Cancellation Air Fare Obligation

Once the contract is signed and the air fare is booked, in the event of a Cancellation by the Artist, the Artist is responsible for the full
reimbursement of all air fare cost expended by the Venue.

In the event that the Venue chooses to re book the Artist on alternative performance dates, then all transfer charges for the Air Fares will
be borne in full by the Artist. It then becomes the Artist responsibility to rebook the Air Fares to the new Performance Date and provide a copy of the new booking to the Venue.


The Artist is solely responsible for the organization and management of suitable Travel and Instrument Insurance.


The Artist is obligated to call Brian @ Overlander Hotel on 07 4743 5011 immediately prior to departure to confirm the flight arrival times to enable the venue to organise Transfers from the Airport to the Venue for performers.


Accomodation is provided for each performer by and at the Venue. The Band Room has multiple beds. Artists are personally responsible to ensure the Accomodation is left in a respectable state.

Hospitality Rider

Gratis Assorted Soft Drink and Juice per night.

Gratis 3 x 600 ml bottled water per night per performer.

Acts To Purchase Own Alcoholic Beverages + Meals At Staff Prices (Approx. $15 Per Meal)


Venue supplies a full PA system and Desk with Stands.

Artist to bring own Backline, Microphones, DI boxes, Pedals and Leads

Artist Marketing

Artist Performance Obligation

The Contract is for Three Nights:


In the event all three performance dates are not executed as per contract terms, the Artist will be paid pro rata.

Start Time is 9pm. This means you need to have all your gear set up with break music playing by no later than 8.30pm.

Each artist needs to be flexible and be professional and work WITH whatever the venue needs. Produce specific Party Break music to ensure that the atmosphere continues even when you are off stage. Your job as the Artist is to keep the audience partying and well entertained.