Nathan is a very passionate and true performer and started playing professionally in 2005 to help put himself through Art School as a young father. From there he made it his mission to get the best possible live sound he could after being inspired by the Billy Idol – Storytellers series on VH1.

Over the last 14 years he’s upgraded his PA twice and is always striving for a better live show. He engages well with audiences musically and provides a list of songs for the audience to take requests. He manages to pull a full, high quality sound out of his PA with his signature ‘Acoustic Stomp’ style. He reads a crowd well and draws on a thorough mix of song choices that can really hit the spot.

Whether it’s older crowds in quieter settings or big pub crowd, Nathan’s got you covered. He strives to keep the vibe up in breaks too by selecting fresh and fun music to play at each new gig and he’s great at communicating with venues and managers to ensure all is as it should be.

Click here for Spotify Playlist of Cover Songs