Not Another 90’s Show is a fresh, hot tribute show dedicated to the raddest decade of music ever – the 90’s!
Brizzy’s Ultimate 90’s party is finally here! So join us as we take a trip back in time – to not all that long ago – to celebrate some of the raddest music ever to be made!
This professional, high-energy show is the most authentic, fun & energetic live 90’s tribute show around, keeping the dancefloor pumping hard with all your favourite 90’s hits, fun and nostalgia as we bring you a party that you just won’t want to end!!
Covering everything from the epic pop hits (Barbie Girl, anyone?!), the iconic rising of female-led rock groups like no doubt, right through to a taste of the dirty raw rock sounds that defined the grunge scene… Oh, and who can forget those unforgettable one hit wonders! So Sooo many!
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