People ask “What do you play?” When the more important question is; “What do you want to hear?”

There are so many entertainment options and so many entertainers around it’s hard to decide on someone that you will know can make as MEMORABLE as you hope it to be.

Options are key. A FLEXIBLE set list, knowing when to play the right tunes at the right time, learning special songs that tailor the event to your needs.

A PROFESSIONAL contact point. Someone who you can RELY ON to show up on time. A musician who protects his credibility like any good business person should.

But when it’s time to party, the sound is right, the lights are on, the stage is looking good and the performers are on stage ready to take the audience wherever they want to go.

Deon has built his music business on this philosophy and has an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from people, only too happy to attest to his level of professionalism and his ability to ENTERTAIN.

So what would you like to hear? With enough time Deon and his musicians can make it happen for you at your event. Get what you want, not what’s available. Your entertainment tailored to suit your needs.