A good time Australian Irish band to help you have the time of your life.
The Life of Reilly Band plays Australian Irish music . A delicious cocktail of Aussie folk and country songs blended with a dash of bitter-sweet Irish ballads and just a twist of roudy good time songs about women, fighting, sailors and drinking. Tunes to get voices singing and the feet tapping. And of course a few original songs straight from the pen of award winning songwriter Shane Hogan.
Individually the band members drew first musical breath back in the distant eighties and cut their teeth in a wide variety of country, rock, blues and bush bands along the way.
Since 2006 the LOR band has been entertaining audiences in pubs, clubs, halls and tea gardens from Parliament House to the other side of Longreach.
A fun band always ready to share the good times with the next bunch of new friends along the way
Life of Reilly Band Playlist