The 1970s was a decade to be remembered in history. Not only revered for its introduction of technological advancements, the decade also paved the way for a new era of fashion and music trends which would go on to inspire and mold the creative outputs we see today.

THAT 70’s BAND takes their audience on a trip back in time to relive all the best songs of the 70’s from the USA, UK, OZ and how could we forget about some of the great one hit wonders.

They cover all styles from Rock, Disco, New Wave, Punk, Country, Soft Rock and More… All sonically faithfully reproduced by a slick four piece band featuring Michael Geeves – Vocal & Guitar, Nathan Geeves – Bass & Vocal, Dan Crisafulli – Drums & Vocal, George Lignos – Keyboard & Vocal

With costumes to match the era and an interactive stage show to help bring the music back to life, THAT 70’S BAND is a not to be missed event that will leave crowds screaming for more.