Emerging from the ashes of Brisbane hillbilly rock juggernaut – The Demon Drink – in early 2022, Bang Lasso are a party band without peer. The sublime vocal harmonies of Helen Velkov and Kieran Waters soar over rocking guitar, punchy keys and the rhythm section from the apocalypse. Sean O’Shea (bass guitar) and Leigh Nelson (drums) have been playing together so long now you can’t hear daylight between them. The grooves are big! The grooves are bad! And we ain’t met a set of hips yet can resist a wiggle in the boys’ presence. Over the past year, BL have been building their reputation with regular shows at iconic Brisbane live music venues such as Brooklyn Standard, Suzie Wong’s Good Time Bar and The Sound Garden. Audiences are treated to sets chock-full of classics from the past and original tunes that (if there’s any justice in the world) are already odds-on classics from the future. Over the coming months, the band are planning to bust out of their little old hometown with shows at festivals right across the big, brown patch. If there’s one near you and singing, dancing, and sweating amongst a heaving mass of humanity is your thing, Bang Lasso are your band and you’d be mad to miss ’em!