The JAIID DUO are two experienced musicians and when paired together, help to create a fun carefree atmosphere through their cheerful tunes. They incorporate multiple genres from classic rock’n’roll, jazz, funk, disco, dance, rock, pop, right up to today.. That’s decades of music to please everyone’s taste.

Expect to hear tunes built up with guitars, vocals, percussion, and a tempting beat that will get you up out of your seat.

With different setlists available, this duo can cater to whatever atmosphere you need to create at your event.

Whether you’re after an easy-listening, laid-back acoustic vibe for an intimate wedding ceremony, a fuller sound with backing tracks for the reception, a roaring Corporate Gala event night or festival, or a sophisticated background sound for your cocktail gathering, the Jaiid Duo can tailor a music experience just for you and your function.