Some people spend their entire life searching for their one true calling. However, in the case of Jack Hudson it is safe to say that his life passion, guitar, was found at just 3 years of age. Whilst this started out as a toddler dragging a toy guitar around the neighbourhood, it quickly transformed into a life-long passion that has seen him with the guitar by his side at every step of the journey. After spending 10 years working as a “gun for hire” sideman and musical director; Hudson decided that it was time to share his own music with the world. Raised on a vast sonic palette of international blues, rock guitar greats, Australian pop/rock and British Invasion heroes; Hudson developed a love for singer-songwriter artists of the 70s and 80s such as Jackson Browne and Tom Petty whilst also delving deep into the Nashville sound of country, western swing, Americana, with a late appreciation for the Beatles. The sum of these parts led Hudson to derive a sound that occupies the space between genres resulting in an electrified singer-songwriter wildfire. Hudson states that his sound shares similarities to the works of Ariel Posen (CAN), Jim Oblon (USA) Joey Landreth (CAN), Jason Isbell (USA), Kris Ulrich (CAN) and Marcus King (USA).