Jack Lorry’s Country and Western songs inspired by country life vary from traditional country through to western swing, and step up into high energy rockabilly, outlaw and bluegrass numbers too. Tunes like “Days On The Road” and “Sunset Kisses” will have you feeling like you’re sitting round a campfire deep in the Australian outback enjoying the stars overhead and good yarns with your mates. And fun, light-hearted numbers like “The Country Music Family, “I Won’t Be Coming To Your Wedding”, “Meet Me In The Front Bar At Birdsville” and “Rockin Little Filly” will get your boots tapping along the their country beats. Hailing from sunny Queensland in Australia, Jack writes songs that make you feel as though you can already sing along no matter where you’re from, and his songs are loved by fans the world over, from the USA and North America, all over Europe and all over Australia!