Emmanuel Kyriakidis

Manny comes from a diverse music career – classical, jazz, punk, cabaret and pub rock. No musical genre escaped his contribution during his decades long performance history throughout Victoria and Queensland.

His vast gig experience provided the deep foundation for his 35 years as a Live Music Agent. Since 1990, Manny has driven and guided the Pushworth Group with his partners and team. The Petrie Terrace based National Entertainment Service Company, The Pushworth Group, has contributed to the careers of thousands of Australian artists over the past 28 years.

Some of Manny’s pet projects over the past couple of decades have included The Butterfly Effect, Savage Garden, Fiona Horne and DEFFX, Grinspoon, Russell Crowe’s musical projects, Killing Heidi, Grace Knight and Eurogliders, The Living End & GANGgajang, – to name just a few and you begin to get an idea of the calibre of artists that Manny has worked with.

Developing artist brands, building a live music culture and supporting venue business has been Manny’s hallmark. He is the champion of live music in Queensland with his Artist Development and Management programs like The Manick Project. Manny produces every performance as a special event whether it is a DJ in your hotel or a major Australian community music festival like the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival where he produced all stages from 2003 to 2014.

Manny specialises in building business for promoters across Australia by leveraging Live Music Brands as part of their Marketing Plan.

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