Annual Artist Check Up

After two years of business interruption, we are checking in to ensure we have all your up to date details.

Please complete to assist us in including your act in new show submission programs. 

Change in ABN, GST or Bank Details?

If any of your Financial or Administration details have changed, as this is super senstive data, we ask that you please download this form (click here) to complete, scan and email to [email protected].

Join our Private Artist Facebook Group

We will communicate through this group. Weather alerts for gigs, legislative changes, gig opportunities, promotions, blogs,free resources and free tickets etc. Access to this group is exclusive to Artists who work with Pushworth so please make sure you note the Act that you perform with. Click here to Join

Join our Private Artist Telegram Group

If you are no longer on Facebook (many Artists are jumping ship), we have a Telegram Group where we will stay connected.  Let us know the name of your Act when you join. Click here to Join

2022 Current Marketing Assets

Please advise and upload your current and latest Marketing Information and Assets. Noting that you really need new Promo Photos every six months otherwise it gets super boring for your audience AND for venues wanting to book you.

Your Original Project

With so many of you running Original Projects that you are funding by playing Cover Shows, we would like to invite you to submit below to be featured in our Label Playlists for Supports and Show Submissions.

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May Artist Spotlight!

Laura Frank latest single “Days Gone By” release date 17 Feb 2023

Jade Holland releases the Dance Remix of OH MY HEART FRiday 17 Feb 2023

To The Skies latest single WHO I AM released 24 Feb 2023

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