Caxton Street 2009, Photo by Nichola Burton

Running an Event or Festival in your local community, street or your venue car park or grounds can be daunting.


Pushworth managed the Caxton Street Seafood and Wine Festival 2003 – 2014. We have the experience, skill, knowledge and most importantly SYSTEMS to assist you with anything you need in terms of Event Management. We manage events 52 weeks a year in Hotels, Clubs, Car Parks, ALPACAs, Convention Centres.

Caxton Street 2011 Photo by Nichola Burton
Caxton Street 2013, Photo by Nichola Burton

Thanks to our national strategic alliance networks, our clients gain exclusive access to the largest network of artists and service infrastructure suppliers in Australia. The scope of our concert calendar bookings convert to large savings and the price you will pay for your entertainment and associated services.

Your Event Management Service includes

Live Music
Marketing + Socials
Show Logistics
Charity Partner
Media Partner
Local Community Advocacy
Volunteer Program

How Can We Help You?

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