Hacking the Musoverse™

Every single aspect of your life and your business and your experience and your perception will impact your music brand journey. Every single brand that you work with on this journey will leave an imprint on the value of your offer.

Artist Development for your show/music brand is key to cut through the noise of the market.

Artist Development Service

Pushworth has developed trademarked systems to develop, manage and expand the capacity of your brand and release:

What is the Musoverse™?

The various players in the MUSOVERSE (™) are the people you want to buy what you’ve got on offer. 

Radio programmers, Content Producers, Influencers, Promoters, Event, Venue and Artist Managers, Festival Bill Curator, Media, Podcasters, Bloggers, Reviewers, Charity Partner, Sponsor, Studio, Producer, Director, Mastering Engineer, Production, Crew, Backing Musicians, Support Acts – anyone that you want to stream, play, feature, interview, blog, review, promote, subscribe, like, follow, share or buy your merchandise, product and show tickets or work with you in your recording, release and touring projects. 

What they want – To leverage the highest brand value by selling their products to create income.

Accessing the MUSOVERSE (TM)

We work with you in five different areas:

Sounds Like A Plan - Strategy

Music Means Business™ Brand Blueprint

The Show Up Audit

Road Trip - Social Media Plan

The Shit Show Formula

Hacking the Musoverse™ Package Cost

Before we can quote, we need to conduct an interview and a needs analysis to establish the best place to start. As each band has its own unique pros and cons, a proposal will be made as to which Musoverse™ are needed.

Contact Nichola Burton at [email protected] for more information