Premium Music Brands

Leveraging off the publicity for a Premium Brand Major Artist Show to boost your In House Marketing and Brand Value, we offer Touring Artist packages to meet whatever your needs are. We will offer you a show on a National Tour for a High Profile Artist, Comedian, Feature Show or Celebrity, and work with you to ensure the show works within you budget, and reaches your desired target market. We ensure your Event Management team can cater for the additional logistics required for a Feature Show. We will work closely with your Marketing Team to provide you with all Digital Assets, Vox Pop Promos, Posters and Media Campaigns. We can organise Meet and Greet competitions to help boost ticket sales. To enquire about a Touring Artist Show, email [email protected] 

Premium Music Brands We Have Worked With

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Packages Include:

Meet and Greet
Digital Assets
Media Campaigns
Production Mgt
Ticketing Set Up
Event Management
Show Vox Pop
Stafford Brothers
Rick Price
Mash d N Kutcher

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Jade Holland releases her next single “Oh My Heart”Friday 25 November 2022

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