Create each transaction from the Service Calendar

  • Select the Date or Dates if a multiple date proposal/contract – dates per month per contract only – if in different months then different contracts to comply with legislation
  • Select the Booker
  • Select the Event Type (Gig, Service, Wedding, Function, Festival, Tour)
  • Select the Service – which shows existing events for that date
  • Select the Admin Client – who will be invoiced – so for Promoters or Functions this will be different to the venue
  • Enter the Gross Nett and Booking Fee – option for Deposit which will be invoiced on a date that is selected – calculating remainder to be paid and payment method
  • Add up to ten artists for this one date for the Proposal
  • Click to go to Proposal
  • Send the Proposal to the Venue showing Performer Name, Short Description, Gross Fee in a Pre Set Proposal format that links to the Venue Service Contact Details
  • Ability to then accept the proposal and go to contract OR decline the proposal noting the reason (auditable)
  • Have access to the Activity for each proposal showing the audit trail (that can be exported into a report if needed)
  • Go to Contract – add the Performance Times, adjust the Payment Method if needed, Add in Special Conditions if needed, Adjust the default Notice Times if needed and a Purchase Order Number if needed
  • Be able to copy same times for each date OR have the option of changing times per date if needed
  • From here be able to add in additional details for:
    • Wedding
    • Festival
    • Function
    • Tour
  • Be able to:
    • Invoice the Contract
    • Cancel the Contract
    • Send the Contract via Email OR Export and then Email with the option of selecting which amounts to show – Gross, Nett or Fee, Send Riders (all or selectable) at time of email send
    • Send the Contract and be able to select a variety of additional documents to be sent with it
      • Gig Contracts – Artist Riders, Venue Requirements
      • Wedding Contracts – Wedding Running Sheet
      • Function Contracts – Function Running Sheet
      • Tour Contracts – Artist Riders, Venue Requirements, Work Sheet, Money Sheet, Publicity Sheet
    • Have a Contract Activity that shows all changes and email deliveries for Audit Trail

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