Onboard by clicking here – completing this form and uploading the required items

We will schedule you into our next available Industry Night

Your Act is added into our Booking System and Submission Hub

Register every Show and Act (Solo, Duo, Band, Feature Show or Original Music Brand)

Nominate one person to onboard and activate the Act

Nominate one person to accept show dates on behalf of the act (s).

Guarantee that each performer and crew is at least 18 years of age

Guarantee that each performer must read and understand this Artist Code

Guarantee that you can deliver all shows according to the brief and contract conditions.

Provide correct up to date Legal and Business administration information

High Resolution Promo Hero Shot of the Act

Artist Bio -1 Line and 2 paragraphs

Spotify Playlist Link of all Cover Songs – Original Artists

Show Reel You Tube Link – 3-4 snippets of your best cover songs see Enterprise Standard

All Social Links

Event Specific High Res Images – Album/Single Cover Photo Size 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel

High Res Event Specific Photo – Need both Horizontal + Vertical Options Size 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel

Make sure the High Res Color Photo is suitable for Magazine Cover 1mg 3000x 3000 pixel


Release PDF

Wave File for the Single

MP3 for the Single

All Social Media Links

High Res Logos 3000x 3000 pixel – Vector/.png files

Style Guide noting Logo Font and Color Code

Provide Google Drive Link for these Assets





Input List

Stage Plot

Flight and Baggage 

When we offer you a Local Show date as part of these service packages below, you do not pay a commission. Your performance fee is added into the budget for the service package.

  1. Booking Premium Music Brands
  2. Booking Local Music Programs
  3. Exclusive Music Curation Service
  4. Event Management
  5. Full Event Production

Premium Tours and Shows attract a 10% Agency charge.

Exclusive Artist Management attracts a 20% Management charge.

Pushworth will email you a weekly Show Activation Notice

Please reply YES to confirm you are good to go.

Do a Facebook Event for each show tagging the Venue Page and @thepushworthgroup.

Post on all your Socials to advertise the show.

Facebook Event tagging Venue and @thepushworthgroup – no less than 6 days before the gig date

Instagram Post tagging Venue and @thepushworthgroup – no less than 6 days before the gig date

15-40 second Shout Out video for Special Events, Shows, Tours.

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The various players in the MUSOVERSE (™) are the people you want to buy what you’ve got on offer. 

Radio programmers, Content Producers, Influencers, Promoters, Event, Venue and Artist Managers, Festival Bill Curator, Media, Podcasters, Bloggers, Reviewers, Charity Partner, Sponsor, Studio, Producer, Director, Mastering Engineer, Production, Crew, Backing Musicians, Support Acts – anyone that you want to stream, play, feature, interview, blog, review, promote, subscribe, like, follow, share or buy your merchandise, product and show tickets or work with you in your recording, release and touring projects. 

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Performance Times will be noted on each Contract.

In the event of a time change, the Booker will email the Artist and the Buyer the revised times.

Each Performance will operate on the time set by the Buyer.

The Artist must check with the Duty Manager and synchronize times to establish Official Gig Time and ensure start, finish, sets and breaks are maintained.

All Artists will set their devices to Official Gig Time.

In any dispute over performance start/end time, we shall defer to OGT.

The Buyer reserves the right to cancel a performance if a performer does not show up on time for his or her performance.

Should a Buyer ask the Artist to finish earlier than the contracted times, they are still obligated to pay the full amount on the contract.

When working with a DJ, give them a copy of your set list before your first set

Track Audience Requests

Read the Room with your Playlist selection

Integrate the Audience into your Show

Keep track of Playlists per Location, Demographic and Venue type

Use Playlists to build a flow from Dancefloor to Bar

Supply the annual Public Liability Certificate of Currency $20 Million

Ensure you have a Tag and Test Lead Certificate every 6 months

Be able to produce a SWMS to the Buyer if required.

Nominate one person in the capacity of your Artist OHS officer. This person is responsible for site induction and management of safety at all gigs

The Artist agrees to alert Buyer Security to all unsafe behaviour however is not liable to police such behaviour.

Absolutely no pyrotechnics or flammable liquids are allowed on stage.

There are no open flames or burning allowed on stage.

The Artist will follow their own SWMS and ensure that all members and all production crew observe the Safe Work Practices and follow all Health and Safety protocols required by the Buyer.

Unless otherwise arranged all acts should provide appropriate PA & lights.

PA should be appropriate to venue capacity & the minimum lights required are 2 x pars 56 or equivalent for solo/duos & 4 x pars 56 or equivalent for bands.

Smoke/Haze machines are not permitted unless otherwise approved

Make sure you test all your leads and equipment in between your shows to ensure they are in working order.

Always take spare batteries, leads and a tool kit with you to ensure you can fix anything that comes your way at every gig.

Provide suitable break music 15 Minutes before you start, in every break and 15 minutes after you finish.

The Artist will follow their Health and Safety protocol and ensure that all usage of equipment provided by the Buyer is done professionally, safely and with respect.

In the event that the equipment provided by the Buyer for use by the Artist is damaged in any way, the Artist will be liable for said damage.

Email your booker to notify them of any equipment that no longer works so that the venue can arrange for repair and maintenance.

The Artist will follow their Health and Safety protocol and ensure that all usage of equipment provided by the Buyer is done professionally, safely and with respect.

In the event that the equipment provided by the Buyer for use by the Artist is damaged in any way, the Artist will be liable for said damage.

Email your booker to notify them of any equipment that no longer works so that the venue can arrange for repair and maintenance.


Load In Times as per the contract

Set Up Times as per the contract

Strict Sound Check Times as per the contract

Load Out Times as per the contract

Expect that Incidents will happen at one of your Gigs at some point.

Implement a Risk Management Plan so that you can manage all possible Incidents professionally

You work in an environment where alcohol is sold.

You work where humans purchase and consume said alcohol

Be prepared that humans, when intoxicated, may not necessarily conduct themselves appropriately.

Ensure that your Risk Management Plan includes a strategy for you and your band members to respond to inappropriate and perceived threatening behaviour from intoxicated humans

In the face of feeling threatened, stop performing. Take a step back from the offending patron.

Note that you do not know the triggers of another human. Be aware that what you say, what you do and how you say and do it, has the potential to trigger someone. Find your neutral communication ground immediately.

Breathe. Check yourself. Regulate your emotions. Respond professionally without emotion, anger or any other response that may be perceived as agressive.

Calmly notify the offending patron that you are unable to assist them and to please go and see the Management with their request.

Should the offending patron still continue to harrass you, ask security for assistance.

Complete an Incident Report and email it to your booker asap so that when the invevitable complaint arrives, they are fully up to speed with what actually happened.

Expand your emotional capacity and resource yourself with strategies to manage hecklers, drunken abuse and requests that you are unable to fulfill. At all times, regardless of the actions of the offending patron, maintain your professionalism.

Upon Arrival At Show by Artist, meet the Duty Manager for Safety Induction if required

Artist is set up and sound checked no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the performance unless otherwise noted in the Contract.

Artist is briefed by Duty Manager for any of the following: Promotions for Artist to Do Live on Stage OHS Schedule Changes Announcements to be Made from Stage

All performers must maintain a “general audiences” rating for their performance unless specifically agreed. Artists are asked to respect Venue staff, as well as the neighbours surrounding Venue site upon Gig Installation.

Other than drummers or keyboard players or guitarists playing pedal boards it is not acceptable for artists to be seated on stools or chairs.

No music stands on stage to hold books to read lyrics. A discreetly placed Music Stand holding an iPAD is acceptable.

The Artist agrees to observe a Dress code in accordance with the rules of the venue and dress like a paid entertainer to be discernible from a patron.

The use of illicit drugs on site, or in any Performance Area, Green Room or any area associated with the Performance Area (i.e. out the front of the venue) will not be tolerated and will result in the expulsion of the Artist from the performance.

In accordance with City bylaws, smoking is not permitted onstage or backstage.

Animals are not permitted onstage or backstage.

No food or beverages are permitted onstage with the exception of bottled water being safely stored beside the performer according to their SWMS.

We will issue each Artist with a contract for each show. Check that all the details are correct – ABN, GST Status, $ etc.

Paperwork will be sent to the registered email address for the Artist.

Should you not receive paperwork in 48 hours, you must contact the booker to confirm the email address and request another copy.

Open the email, open the attached contract, make sure you read and understand all information.

It is YOUR responsibility to understand the document.

If there is incorrect information in the document, it is the Artist responsibility to contact the Booker to notify them immediately, so the changes can be made.

If the Artist fails to read the document and executes the Show as contracted, then the Artist accepts liability.

If the GST Status is incorrect in the contract, and the Artist fails to advise the booker to revise it, and executes the gig, the contract cannot be changed. It is the Artist responsibility to read the contract BEFORE the gig and make sure ALL details are correct. If not, email the booker IMMEDIATELY to organise all changes to ensure the contract is reissued with the correct details.

We will send you a Tax Invoice for Pushworth Fees where you collect the full Gross Show Payment.

We will send you a Remittance for each payment.

You will be paid into the BSB and Bank Account that you registered with us unless otherwise notified in writing.

No Alcohol to be provided free to Artists unless a Hospitality Rider has been agreed to and signed by the Promoter.

All artists are entitled to soft drink or water.

Drinks may be consumed backstage and disposal of cans and bottles into the provided bin.

This is a show not a party. You are being paid to do a job. Artists are therefore encouraged to drink responsibly.

Food can only be consumed at the official Green Room (if provided).

The Buyer is not responsible for any items belonging to artists that have been lost or stolen while stored on stage, backstage, side of stage or in a dressing room.

The Artist must follow its own Security Protocol for all items stored on stage, backstage, side of stage or in a dressing room.

When provided Accommodation, please be respectful or neighbours and leave it clean and tidy.

When provided Meals, always check with the Duty Manager and be reasonable in your meal selection. Be polite and appreciative of the Hospitality by being measured and considerate. In other words, don’t make a pig of yourself.

When provided an alcoholic rider, be reasonable and measured in your consumption. It is work not a party. Be polite and appreciative.

Some clubs may classify you (as a working contractor), as an excluded member, which would allow you a members discount for meals and drinks. However, this excludes you from participating in any form of gaming, raffles, competitions and draws.

Artists agree to treat the Pushworth team, Promoter, Publicist, Media, Venue Management and Staff, Volunteers, and Patrons with respect at all times.

There is zero tolerance for physical, verbal and/or sexual abuse or harassment. Infractions will result in immediate expulsion of a Show, Tour or from a Venue.

The Artist agrees that the line-up marketed to Pushworth is the same line-up that performs at the gig. **In the case of a Feature Show that rotates performers where the show branding is not reliant on featuring particular performers, this clause does not apply.

Changes in line-up MUST be notified to Pushworth prior to the performance. Pushworth will advise the Venue. The venue reserves the right to cancel the performance if the line-up change isn’t to their satisfaction.

The Artist acknowledges that they cannot subcontract any Pushworth performance contract to another performer.

Should an Artist not be able to honour a contract they are obligated to contact Pushworth as soon as they know they are unable to do the gig as contracted. Pushworth will then replace the Artist and charge them the full booking fee unless otherwise stated in writing.

The Artist agrees to indemnify Pushworth for any loss or expense incurred by Pushworth arising out of the cancellation or non-performance of a Performance. In such case, the Artist shall be liable to pay Pushworth the booking fee as specific in the schedule.

The Artist agrees that if offered a gig at a potential competitor venue in that same regional area, to check first before accepting the gig if there is going to be a conflict of interest.

At all times, conduct yourself professionally and with respect.

Be truthful in your communications and respect the humans who are working in your Music Business team.

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If you have made an error in your Booking Calendar and wish to blow out our gig, we will charge you a Cancellation Fee.

If you wish to take another gig after accepting our gig, we will charge you a Cancellation Fee.

If you are ill and have to cancel a gig due to illness, you must provide us with a medical certificate. If you have a backup artist willing to take your gig, no fee will be charged. If we have to replace you, we will charge you a Cancellation Fee.

Cancellation Fees are $100.00 + GST unless otherwise notified.

To cancel a Gig in advance, the Artist must notify the Booker in writing.

A Cancellation Notice will be issued.

In the event of a last-minute emergency, call ON CALL phone immediately to arrange for a replacement.

The Artist must provide a written reason for the cancellation to provide to the Buyer. If the Buyer has advertised the Artist in the gig and incurred costs, these costs may pass to the Artist as the defaulting party.

Without notification in writing, the contract remains in force making the Artist, liable to deliver the full value of the performance fee.

Our In House integrated Booking System is Aquarius. Every aspect of your Booking is connected from the initial proposal to the monthly BAS submission.

Check each contract to ensure the GST status is correct. When you change it, download a PDF from https://abr.business.gov.au/ and email to [email protected] requesting a change in our system.

The Buyer will pay Pushworth. Once your gig is delivered, please email your invoice to [email protected]

Invoices are issued and emailed to each individual Buyer on the Monday POST the entertainment weekend.

Any charges on your account – Cancellation Fees, Marketing Fees, Administration Fees – will be automatically deducted from payment disbursements unless otherwise agreed.

Most venues pay within 7 days. However there are some who pay within 30 days or even longer. Your booking contract will note the payment cycle. Chat with your booker if you are not sure.

Buyers will be emailed Invoice Reminders every week until they are paid in full. Bookers will remain in contact with each Buyer until the late payment is paid and the issue is resolved.

The BSB and Account Number provided in the Artist Registration will be Direct Deposited within 72 business hours of us receiving Payments in Full and Correct Remittances from the Buyer and Tax Invoices from the Supplier.

We cannot process the Artist invoice if it doesn’t match the contract so will email you an alert to check your contract and reissue.

Payment will continue to be made to the registered bank account unless otherwise advised in writing. This means a specific email to [email protected] – not merely added to the Invoice. Pushworth is not liable for any payments made to the old bank account that are not returned to us by the participating banking institution.

Email all changes in writing to [email protected]

Cancellation of Show Date


GST Registration Status

BSB and Bank Account Details

Legal Entity

Change of Act Members

Change of Show Booking Nominee

Change of Accounts Manager

Change of Marketing Manager

Change in Riders

Change of Postal Address

Change of Email Address

Change of Mobile Number

Changes notified on Text will not be actioned.

You guarantee that all Images, Logos and Designs used in your marketing do not infringe copyright.

You guarantee there is no Trademark Infringement on the Show Name, Format or Branding. 

Show Feedback emails are sent to every Buyer on the Monday after the Performance.

Unless the Buyer requests confidentiality, we will share all feedback with Artists.

It can be unpleasant to hear negative feedback even if it is constructive. To this end, we encourage you to develop a strategy to integrate Show Feedback into your Music Business. Remember its not personal, it is business.

If a Buyer provides a brief, and you as the Artist do not meet the brief guidelines, and feedback is provided, and you continue to ignore the brief guidelines, the booker reserves the right to move you out of existing Buyer programs.

If a Buyer provides feedback that your vocals are not meeting their standard, we will recommend that you seek professional vocal lessons to bring your act up to standard.

If a Buyer provides feedback that your sound is not meeting their standard, we will review your production set up with you to establish the cause of the sound issue in order to address.

If a Buyer provides feedback that your song list does not meet the brief, we will discuss with you to see if you can upgrade your song list. If not, we will have to replace the gig should the Buyer so request it.

If a Buyer provides feedback that your behaviour was abusive and threatening, they may seek to withhold payment if you have breached their Code of Conduct. We will advise you in this instance and urge you to issue an official apology and make some changes in your Music Business Wellness program as a result.

Maintain a Show Survival Kit containing strings, gaff, cables, batteries, mics, picks, sticks, extension leads, power boards, stationary, tape, staples, pens and of course a first aid kit.

Add RACQ and BOM apps to your phone. Make sure your phone plan has a healthy data connection in the region you are travelling in so you can access Google Maps when you get lost.

Establish a Show Emergency Plan: Who does what when? Talk about every worst-case scenario possible and plan for it with your very own Show Survival Kit that covers, loss of voice, car breaking down, traffic, storms, gear malfunction, band break ups. Talk about what you will do when whatever happens to you and put a Show Emergency Plan in place.

Check your Vehicle and get it serviced quarterly. Check the oil, brakes, tyres – is it ready to transport you to the show this week?

The Pushworth Group has zero tolerance for any form of sexual misconduct at any shows booked by them.

Should you experience what you believe is sexual misconduct, you must report it to the Police immediately. 

You have the right to seek advice or assistance. Click here for more information.

Whilst neither The Pushworth Group or the Venues and Promoters for your shows, employ performers for shows as employees, we assure you that timely, fair and appropriate action will be taken to address any complaint. Victimisation of any person who raises a complaint is unlawful.

We encourage you to speak up. Send us the Police Report. Contact us. You are safe.

Everyone has a responsibility to promote appropriate standards of behaviour at all times.  This includes during the performance on stage, in the breaks, rehearsals and pre or post shows or out of hours while attending industry-related functions.

Any person can be personally liable for engaging in sexual misconduct.

Sexual Misconduct is defined as any unwanted, unwelcome or uninvited behaviour of a sexual nature, which makes a person feel offended, humiliated or intimidated.

This includes staring or leering, unnecessary familiarity, such as deliberately brushing up against you or unwelcome touching, suggestive comments or jokes, insults or taunts of a sexual nature, intrusive questions or statements about your private life, displaying posters, magazines or screen savers of a sexual nature, sending sexually explicit emails or text messages, inappropriate advances on social networking sites, accessing sexually explicit internet sites, requests for sex or repeated unwanted requests to go out on dates.

Some forms of behaviour may also be considered to be an offence under criminal law, such as physical assault, indecent exposure, sexual assault, stalking or obscene communications.

Be clear with your Consensual behaviours. Establish clear boundaries. Level up in your own personal Self Care strategies.

And finally, we recommend you research the many safety apps available for women that can track, alert, guide and assist you when needed. 


Activate your Show Fitness Plan – we offer you the suggestion that to deliver a high standard show you need to have access to a solid energy source

In times of Health challenges – Physical or Mental, we ask that you maintain transparency by alerting your Medical Practitioner to your Show schedule and alerting your Pushworth Team to your current Health Challenges. Update weekly to ensure your support team and booking team are working together.

Check in with Pushworth to confirm that the delivery of your show is on track. Follow a best practice in terms of working with your team – Pushworth team, Buyer, Hotel or Club Bar Staff/Security, Publicist, Media, Volunteers, Fans and Patrons with respect at all times.

Should you book shows with a Buyer or Venue directly or via another Booking Agent, where Pushworth has already booked you in the previous 12 months, Pushworth reserves the right for a Booking Buy Out at the rate of $200.00 + GST Per show for the next 12 months in a venue Introduced and booked by Pushworth. Business Interuptions eg Lockdowns, are excluded from the Booking Period.

In the event of a Buyer moving from one Venue to another, that person is under obligation to the Pushworth Booking Protocol and cannot engage the services of any Artist introduced to him without contacting and booking the Artist through Pushworth.

Venues owned by the same company are bound by this Booking Protocol and cannot engage the services of any Artist without contacting and booking them through Pushworth. Change of act name does not alter this obligation.

When you deal directly with the Buyer and Venue, either directly, or via another Booking Agency, once Pushworth have booked you there in the previous 12 months, Pushworth reserves the right to terminate all future bookings, make your act inactive in our system and remove you from our website.

The Artist will provide 30 days written notice to Pushworth that they no longer wish to receive bookings by Pushworth OR

Pushworth will provide 30 days written notice to the Artist that they no longer wish to offer any more show bookings.

Upon receipt on this notice, Pushworth will cancel all bookings in the system from 30 days.

Pushworth will remove the Artist Listing from the website effective immediately.

Pushworth will remove the Artist Listing from the Submission Hub effective immediately.

After 30 days, Pushworth will remove the Artist from all Buyer submissions.

After 30 days, Pushworth will identify the Artist as inactive in its Booking System.

The Artist will be sent a Gig Report listing all Gigs executed by the Artist with Pushworth.

The Artist agrees that it will not deal directly with any of the Buyers listed on this report for the next 12 months.

The Artist understands that the Dealing Direct with the Buyer Clause is initiated upon Termination Notice.